2007: saxophonist/ composer "Most Distant Galaxy" performed w/ Peentz Dubble, Richard Bull/Cynthia Novack Memorial Performance, Dance New Amsterdam, NYC

2006: saxophonist/ composer "Sam's Party" choreographed by Carmen DeLavallade for the Paradugm Dance Company, Joyce Theatre, NYC

2006: saxophonist/ composer "Love Stories" choreographed by Carmen DeLavallade for the Philadanco Dance Company, Joyce Theatre , NYC

2002: saxophonist / composer "The Peace of Wild Things" w/ Peentz Dubble & Jay Clayton, Middle Collegiate Church, NYC

2001: saxophonist / composer "The Creation" w/ Carmen DeLavellade, Historical Society (NYC)

1999: saxophonist / composer "In Beauty May I Walk" with Carmen DeLavellade, St. John the Divine (NYC)

1998-99: saxophonist / composer "Collaborations" w/ Peentz Dubble, Middle Collegiate Church, St. Marks Chirch (NYC)

1995: saxophonist / composer "The Doubling Cube," Pilobolus Dance Theatre, Joyce Theatre (NYC), world tour '95-'96.

1982-93: saxophonist / composer Improvisational Arts Ensemble (Richard Bull, dir.), Dance Theatre Workshop, Warren Street Performance Loft (NYC).

1978-89: saxophonist / composer "Moonblind" (choroegraphed by Alison B. Chase), Pilobolus Dance Theatre, American Dance Festival, Jacobs Pillow, Joyce Theatre, St. James Theatre (NYC).

1985: saxophonist / composer / dancer, "Turning Thirty" with choreographer Peentz Dubble, Kean College (NJ).

Unexpected Light
The Sedgwick Cultural Center in Philadelphia hosted the world premiere of "Unexpected Light" - a unique collaboration of improvised sound and light composed by Bloom for her quartet and renowned lighting designer James F. Ingalls. Bloom received the commission from the Philadelphia Music Project and performed the piece on March 27, 2004.

"In this piece the lighting designer spontaneously reacts to the improvisational motion of the jazz quartet. The lighting is actively involved with the soloists in creating a unique improvisation. In a sense the jazz quartet becomes a jazz quintet with the lighting designer improvising the fifth part in a new dimension."

Shadow of a Doubt
Music Composed and Scored by Jane Ira Bloom.

Saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom's jazz soundscore for the TV-movie "Shadow of a Doubt" starring Brian Dennehy & Bonnie Bedelia premiered nation-wide on NBC-TV December 10th, 1995 at 9:00 pm. The two hour motion picture for television project, written & directed by Brian Dennehy and produced by Scripps Howard Productions is a murder mystery which Bloom scored for jazz quintet featuring jazz artists Keith Underwood (flutes), Mike Renzi (piano), Harvie Swartz (bass), AkiraTana (drums/ percussion), and herself on sax. Bloom's husband, actor Joe Grifasi also costarred in the film.

PBS, October 2001
A documentary special on "Robotic Missions to Mars" hosted by Walter Cronkite which featured segments scored by Jane for her trio with Rufus Reid on bass and Jerry Granelli on elektro-acoustic percussion.

Quartet Premiere at TONIC
On Saturday, January 6t and Sunday, March 25, 2007 Jane Ira Bloom premiered "Beyond the Brain" a new work in eight movements commissioned through the Doris Duke/ Chamber Music America New Jazz Works Creation & Presentation Program. The piece featured her quartet with Matt Wilson (drums), Mark Helias (bass), and Dawn Clement (piano & keyboards) and took place at the Tonic new music space, 107 Norfolk St, on the lower east side in NYC. Variety music critic David Sprague wrote that the music "connected with the heart and hips as much as the head."

Review: Saxophonist, Jazz Ensemble, and Electonic Effects
April 6, 1991, Town Hall
"For Jane Ira Bloom, music suggests shapes in space. Working with small groups, she often swings her soprano saxophone in wide arcs, adding electronic effects like sonic vapor trails... Brass and woodwind players were on stage and in the balcony, swinging their instruments and playing chords so dense they were almost palpable."
-- Jon Pareles, Reviews/Music, New York Times

Interview: October 1994
"What I use is effects processing. Basically a couple of old digital delays, harmonizers, & multi-effects units; they have various programs that I designed at home and trigger with foot pedals. I try to combine the programs in interesting ways. The whole concept is that it's spontaneous. Basically I'm blending the acoustic sound of my soprano and using it as the core impetus, the core sound for electronic enhancement. You can still hear the breath; you can still feel the phrasing, and you can still tell it's me."
-- Miyoshi Smith, Cadence Magazine

LARGE ENSEMBLE WORKS (selected list)

Unexpected Light
(for soprano saxophone & string quintet) 2003 commissioned by the St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble, performed at the DIA Center (NYC)

Einstein's Red/Blue Universe
Program Notes excerpts by K. Robert Schwarz, Carnegie Hall 5/15/94
Scored for jazz soloists (soprano saxophone (with live electronics), trumpet, trombone, horn, bass, drums) and orchestra.

...The integration of improvisors and non-improvisors, the exploration of spatial effects, and the use of live electronics to augment the sound of the saxophone - return in Einstein's Red/Blue Universe, Bloom's first work for full orchestra. "Over the years what began as intuitive movement in my own playing as an improvisor has grown into an interest in orchestrating whole sections of instruments in motion," she writes. "I've found that in opening my ears to the orchestra I have changed the way I think about jazz groups, and naturally the personality of small jazz-group playing has affected the way I think about the orchestra. For me Einstein's Red/Blue Universe has been about getting improvisors and improvisation inside the orchestra, and then rethinking the spatial parameters of what that orchestral sound could be."

Einstein's Red/Blue Universe
(for soprano saxophone, improvisors, & orchestra) 1994 commissioned by The Amnerican Composers Orchestra through the Meet the Composer/AT&T/ Rockefeller Jazz Program. Performed by the American Composers Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, NYC

Sixteen Sunsets
(for soprano saxophone, improvisors, and wind ensemble) 1991 commissioned by the Mary Cary Flagler Trust, performed at Town Hall, NYC

Art & Aviation
(for jazz quintet & brass choir) 1991, performed at Town Hall, NYC

Most Distant Galaxy
(for soprano saxophone & live electronics, prepared tape, bass, drums and elektro-acoustic percussion) 1989 - commissioned by NASA, performed at Carnegie Hall (NYC), Kennedy Space Center (FL), Town Hall (NYC), Einstein Planetarium (Wash DC).

Fire & Imagination
(for soprano saxophone, improvisors and chamber orchestra) 1989 commissioned by NASA, performed at the Kennedy Space Center, FL by the Brevard Symphony Orchestra

Fire & Imagination
(for soprano saxophone, improvisors, wind ensemble, & brass choir) 1990 performed at Carnegie Hall (NYC) & Woolsey Hall (New Haven) by the Yale Wind Ensemble.

Beyond the Sky
(for wind ensemble) 1989 - commissioned by NASA, performed at the Kennedy Space Center, FL

b6 Braxton Bop
(for 15-piece jazz ensemble) premiered Educational Center for the Arts, New Haven. Perfomed 1996 - William Patterson College (NJ).

(for 15-piece jazz ensemble) premiered Village Gate, NYC. Performed 1996 - William Patterson College (NJ).

Latin Trance
(for 15-piece jazz ensemble and latin percussion), premiered Educational Center for the Arts, New Haven.